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Condenser microphones are commonly used in recording studios. These microphones use external sources of power, batteries or phantom power. The phantom power is supplied by the mixer to which the mic is linked.  There are different types of condenser mics. In addition to being used in recording studios, condenser microphones are also used overhead for live sound music during the performance by choirs, bands, pianos and cymbals.

Types of condenser microphones

  1. Large-diaphragm condenser microphones

These microphones have diaphragms which are about an inch in diameter. Microphones with large diaphragms are very sensitive to external sounds. If using this microphone, you need a suspension mounting to block external interferences. These mics are excellent for overhead sound effects of drums. They are also used for voice recordings. These microphones can be pricy. However, you can get fairly priced ones that work well if you are looking to recording unprofessionally.

  1. Side address condenser microphones

As the name suggests, the user of the mic seems to be using it from the side, if the position of the mic is placed in a vertical direction. These microphones have a flat windscreen over a large diaphragm.  The two are placed horizontally at a 90-degree angle.

  1. Tube condenser microphones

These are microphones that are considered vintage. They were used in broadcast studios long ago. The sounds produced by these mics are well rounded and produce beautiful sounds. Despite them being vintage, they are still being produced today and are preferred by some broadcasters and professional studios.  However, these mics need constant power supply that should be the right voltage.

  1. Small diaphragm condenser microphones

These microphones are often used in live recording sessions. These microphones produce high frequency sounds. It is also ideal for sudden changes in volume. An example of these changes includes the use of cymbals. Using this microphone over the cymbals will have an excellent effect. These microphones depend on phantom power or the use of batteries.

  1. USB microphones

If you are an amateur who wants to taste his hand in recording, this is the right mic for you. You can use the sound card of a computer. The computer has made anything possible. If you have the right program, then this fairly priced mic is ideal for you. Amazingly, these mics can be configured to be used on your smart phone. Your phone becomes the mixer. You can then produce music wherever you are.


Evidently, there is a large array of condenser microphones to choose from. It is entirely up to you to decide which one meets your needs. Have your budget ready, write down expected use of microphone, go to the store and make your purchase. It is that easy. These microphones are obviously a powerful selection that is ideal for music lovers as well as those that want to amplify the sound produced by their musical instruments. Whichever side you fall on, you will love the music and sounds produced by these microphones.