Review Of Microphones

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Wireless microphone is a simple microphone but it has no wires attached. Previously people had a notion that a microphone has to be something big and must have many wires. But times have changed. And with time the design and technology of microphones also changed.The history of wireless microphone is very interesting. There are many companies and individuals who claim that they are the inventors of this specific type of microphone.In the year 1951, John F Stephens developed a wireless microphone. Review Of MicrophonesIt was made for a navy musical show. All the singers, players were given their own microphone. And all of them were wireless.In the year 1957, Sennheiser, a manufacturer of German audio equipment who was working with the German Broadcaster called Norddeutscher Rundfunk exhibited one microphone, which was wireless. This system was marketed under the name of Mikroport through Telefunken from the year 1958.

Beyerdynamic, a German equipment manufacturer claimed that Hung. C. Lin first invented the wireless microphone. It was then called a transistophone. Its production started in the year 1962. They also claimed that it was first used in a film called My Fair Lady in 1964. And it was used by rex Harrison in the film.To do away with the wire was not at all an easy task. It took a lot of transmission technologies, standards and frequencies to make this removal. In this microphone transmission is possible in radio waves using VHF or UHF frequencies, AM, FM etc. There are some microphones that cost low. Many of them use infrared light. But this infrared microphone needs a direct line of sight between the receiver and the microphone. But the costlier models do not require this.

Some of the models work on single fixed frequency. But the advanced models do not use them. They work on a user selectable frequency. Using this frequency helps to avoid interference. It also helps to use various numbers of microphones at the same time.Advanced versions of wireless microphone offer a lot of facilities. It gives full freedom of movement to the user. You must be thinking how. Simple. As this microphone is wireless, you can keep it anywhere on your body. Just attach them and you can move freely with them. It does not matter whether you are inside your house or outside. As this microphone has no cable, there is no chance for a problematic cables too.

Wireless microphone is mainly of two types, handheld and body pack.The handheld microphone looks like the conventional microphone. But its body is a bit bigger than the conventional ones. And for that reason it is able to accommodate the battery pack and the transmitter.Body pack is actually a little box. It has got the battery pack and transmitter in it. But it is not a microphone itself. It is attachable to belt. It has got a wire that connects the lavaliere microphone, guitar or headset.Today there are lots of popular brands available for this microphone. All of them offer you a whole lot of new and innovative facilities. Sennheiser, Shure, Lectrosonics, Audio technical, AKG Acoustics, Samson technologies are all big names in this microphone industry.