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Microphone - Choosing the right microphone for you


You need a microphone and you think they are all the same, right? As long as it serves its purpose, why bother specifications? Well, microphones come with specification like any other gadget. Based on these specifications, the microphone you choose may make a good buy or not. You should not waste money on a microphone that will be useless to your needs. Before you go to the shop to get yourself a mic, it is important to know how you expect to use it. This is the main factor that will determine what microphone you need to buy.

Characteristics of microphones you need to consider when making a purchase

  1. Polar Patterns

This refers to the direction from which the mic gets its sound. This is clearly seen in cases where a singer is using a band. It is easy for the whole set to be muddled if the right microphone is not used. Using a microphone that blocks out all the other sounds such that all you hear is the sound of the person singing when he is using the mic.

  • A bi-directional mic gets sound from west and east. It however blocks sounds coming from the north and south.
  • Uni-directional mics accepts sounds from the front. It blocks out sounds from the back and sides. These are the most commonly used mics.
  1. Some microphones have multi-patterns. It means you can keep shifting it from one pattern to another depending on your needs at the time. This is an ideal one because you can alter its pattern based on the environment you are working with.
  2. The sensitivity of the mic to sound. Some mics pick up the smallest sound irrespective of the system used.
  3. The sound pressure level (SPL) determines how loud the microphone can get. This is a big consideration if loud instruments such as trumpets and drums are used together with the mic.
  4. The proximity effect of the mic matters as well. This is especially so if the user of the mic would like to emphasize an effect such as bass of an instrument. A mic with a high proximity level does this very well.

It is therefore important for you to understand the purpose of the microphone before you go to buy one. Different microphones serve well depending on the environment in which it is being used. Sound is a very important aspect of a function or event. You do not want to ruin something that would have turned out great by investing in the wrong microphone. Evidently, you will need to learn quite a bit about microphones in your venture to get one. Learning never stops and it is great learning something new especially if has to do with an investment you are making. If you buy a good mic, it will serve you for a long time. Spare a little time to research and make the right decision that will suit your needs and purpose.